Give’r Gloves: Burly gear made for life in the mountains.

Give’rs come stressed, but let you relax.Brandon Mathis

After a winter season of shoveling snow, mega frigid alpine-start mornings and some bewilderingly cold days riding Colorado’s Wolf Creek Ski Area, we fell in love with this retro-leather glove.

A tiny startup out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Give’r is all about milking fun no matter what you’re doing. Their do-it-all gloves are known as “The Glove of 100 Uses.” They’re burly, they feel like you could ski all day with them and then go do some blacksmithing.

Each pair is branded with your (or your nephew’s) initials.Brandon Mathis

They have a nice branded logo, representing the Grand Tetons, where they hail from, and you can custom size them with some special instructions when ordering. They’ll even come with your initials branded on.

We love the stressed look and feel they come with, and that each pair is different in appearance because of slight variations in the leather. Oh, yeah, and the standard natural wax Sno-Seal waterproofing is fantastic.

Of note is the crunchy grab anything micro-fiber insulation. They’re thick and stiff at first, but wear in, becoming perfect for everything from the winter mountains to Dutch oven cobbler. We haven’t really used them leading any rock climbing routes as seen on the website (and we don’t plan to) and they are certainly coming off to do any nimble-fingered tasks, but Give’rs are a highly versatile and warm piece of gear that we keep handy.

This glove will find its home in ski kits across the mountains, but may end up in camp kits as well. Brandon Mathis