These affordable low-profile cycling gloves hit a sweet spot with function and fun.

It’s Taco’d Taco- Tuesday at Hand Up Gloves.Brandon Mathis

At first we did a double take, but then we confirmed it: There’s a margarita on the index finger of these gloves. Where most gloved manufacturers add some latex stripes or dots for tenacity on a brake lever, Hand Up added a taco and a cocktail. And that’s the vibe you get from this Tennessee-based cycling apparel company. They’re in it for the fun.

At less than $30 bucks a pop for a nice-fitting and relatively non-traditional looking pair of gloves, our “Taco’d Taco – Tuesday” pair felt just right, right out of the box. Described as bold and minimal, there’s not much to them. And that’s almost perfect. They may be bold for being minimal, but they are bolder still for the themes and designs they market: tacos, flags, palm trees, graffiti, rainbows and more. They make custom gloves also.

Hand Up is making fun and functional gloves for cyclists looking outside the box.Brandon Mathis

What we love is the lack of padding. Hand Up uses a simple design with a lack of overkill. This is a sensitive glove that lets you feel everything – bumps included. If you like a mushy squeeze on the bars then keep shopping. There is a thin synthetic and tough material on the palm, a breathable mesh on the back of the hand and the quintessential soft-swipe thumb sweat and booger remover.

For a price this nice and a fit this good, we have to hand it to Hand Up.