1) Ride

Sedona is surrounded by singletrack. In fact, the only thing that stands out more than the quality of the trails is the accessibility. West Sedona, Uptown and Oak Creek all have singletrack opportunities that deliver, but if you’re short on time, head to Oak Creek, park at the Bike and Bean, pedal up Slim Shady and hop on the Hi Line trail.

2) Salute the sun

Sedona is said to be the location of several energy vortexes – epicenters of energy that help facilitate spirituality, meditation, prayer or just leave visitors flat out feeling good. Several tours exist, but one top way to bring it home is Vortex Yoga Hiking in Sedona with Yogi Blair, where you’ll hike out to a vortex as he explains the meaning behind it, then a yoga practice among the cacti, set to meditative sounds while overlooking Sedona’s red rocks.

3) Divine berries

At this alternative breakfast venue, you might think you’re getting dessert before your first meal of the day – think again. At Berry Divine Acaí Bowls, the acaí berry, a superfood packed with antioxidants and nutrients served frozen or blended, is a main ingredient and with toppings like bee pollen, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, kale, flaxseed, hemp seed, oils and more, you’ll hardly believe you’re eating healthy. It all tastes so good.

4) Tune up

At Sedona Bike and Bean, practically across the street from miles of epic trails, you can grab a spare tube, get the beta on trail conditions and order up a macchiato all in the same place.

The original coffee/bikes hop, Bike and Bean is a center for locals and travelers alike. Their Friday night rides have been a staple for 20 years, and beer and pizza follows.

5) Drink local

The Amber Ale at the Oak Creek Brewery & Grill once landed a silver medal at the North American Brewers Association competition, and the Nut Brown took a Gold and Bronze. Located within the walls of Sedona’s Tlaquepaque, an Old World-style village of arts and craft shops on Oak Creek, the brewery is a nice way to find a different kind of energy in the area.