This minimalistic fashion forward boot is all about your feet, and it looks good too.

The Lems Boulder Boot blends lightweight, minimalistic good-for-your-feet footwear with a little bit of ruggedness and a lot of style.Laurie Kain

There really is something to this whole minimalist thing. We’re not going out and running a marathon on a few millimeters of cushion (and some of us do run quite a few marathons), but some people do. We are thinking it’s a good idea to take a minimalist approach to daily footwear, and the Lems Boulder Boot lets us do just that.

The Lems Boulder Boot, named for its place of origin in Boulder, Colorado, is an ultra-light, highly packable, old school lace-up. It’s sort of a preppy-meets-country feel, but what we really love is the comfort and fit. Built on a design inspired by founder Andrew Rademacher, a former decathlete with a history of relentless foot strains, he traced his woes to the 10 kinds of shoes he was wearing for each of his events. He found that foot pain went away with a minimalist shoe that allowed his feet to act naturally. Step into a pair of Lems, and spread out those toes. With its heel-to-toe zero drop and wide-rounded toe box, your feet and gait return to their natural form.

The Lems Bouder boot is also great for travel, with its soft and packable leather good for tight squeezes in luggage and travel bags.

Leather: $150

Denier nylon: $125

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