Stoked Stix from Stoked Roasters: real instant coffee that tastes wonderful, packs a punch and saves your morning.

When you’re getting up super early and running super late to go skiing, running, climbing, biking or whatever, you’ve got to be on it. And if you’re like us, coffee is a must. So, one morning in Ouray when it was negative are-you-serious outside and we were running behind per usual, we remembered we had a box of something from Stoked Roasters out of Hood River, Oregon: Stoked Stix.

Stoked Stix come eight to a box, each in little individually wrapped 12-ounce packets. They are 100 percent certified organic and come in medium or dark roast, but the important thing is, they mean business. From then on, alpine starts came easy. Directions suggest eight ounces of hot water, although we’ve used with much less, and lukewarm at best.

Stoked Roasters seem to cater to the dawn patrol crowd – those adventurous souls who get up before the coffee shops open. For us the real beauty is good coffee that is ready crazy fast. And for that, you better believe, we’re stoked.