Tent. Pack. Stove. Quilt? Therm-A-Rest, long known for their sleeping pads, has entered the world of sleeping bags, blankets and quilts. That’s right, quilts. Introducing the Therm A Rest Corus HD Quilt

Insulation, especially down, relies on loft to withhold heat. Much of the insulating properties are lost when loft is compressed under the weight of its occupant, so it’s doing little in the way maintaining warmth. A down quilt ditches the excess weight, and covers you like your favorite blanket at home.

The Therm A Rest Corus HD Quilt  is a highly technical piece that uses a 650-loft hydrophobic down that actually repels moisture, and a heat reflective coating they call ThermaCapture that redirects radiant heat back to its source.

It’s piece designed for light conscious trail travelers: ultra light backpackers thruhikers and fastpackers, but is also perfect for car camping and lazy days outside.

The quilt also has side baffles that tuck to seal drafts, plus a foot box that can slip over sleeping pads to keep feet toasty warm. We love that it can also be secured in place with a snap-button fixture technique designed to work with Therm-A-Rest pads, so no matter how much you toss and turn, you stay covered.

The Therm A Rest Corus HD Quilt and other Therm-A-Rest quilts can even be connected for camp date night snuggles.

Therm A Rest have devised a system to connect their quilts to their pads that works very well.Brandon Mathis

Rated to 35 degrees for men

45 degrees for women